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November 16th

Varsity Only—at Delano

November 23rd

Varsity Only—at Farmington

December 7th

All Teams—at Chaska

December 14th

All Teams Waconia Invitational—at Waconia

January 4th

All Teams—at Edina

January 11th

All Teams—at Bloomington Kennedy

January 18th

All Teams, Conference—at New London Spicer

January 25th

All Teams, Conference—at New Prague

February 1st

Varsity Only, Sections—at Edina

Friday night, eat a healthy dinner and go to bed early!


Wear your Lakette warm-ups to and from ALL competitions!

Varsity: please come with your hair and make-up done

JV: hair in a ponytail (varsity will help you with hair and make-up)


Please pack into your roller bag:

  • Healthy snacks and water (nothing that will stain your costume)

  • Both uniforms & hair pieces (in your garnet bag)

  • 2-3 pairs of tights

  • Jazz shoes (black and/or tan)

  • Caboodle with: 5–7" mirror, eye shadow, blush, make-up brushes, lipstick, eye lashes, black eye liner, black mascara, bun former, hair nets, ponytail holders, bobby pins, brush, hair spray, and hair gel

  • Purple jersey & white tank top (black leggings)


  • Money for concessions and t-shirts

  • Pillow & blanket

Competition Prep:

What to buy and pack

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