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Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities to Volunteer Include:

  • Fundraising/Sponsorship

  • Parent Apparel

  • Dancer Competition Goodie Bags

  • Parent Social Events

  • Veteran and Rookie Parent Buddies

  • Friends & Family Event

  • Winter Showcase

  • Banquet

  • Team Meals

  • Costumes

Team work makes the dream work - We need your help to make this season successful!


Our hope is that every parent is able to find a special place to help out during the season.


  • Hemming pants by hand

  • Sewing seams on a sewing machine 

  • Help making headpieces

  • Help washing uniforms

  • Designing decorations

  • Helping to make decorations

  • Website design and maintenance

  • Random fun photos

  • CPA/General accounting/Bookkeeping

  • Other corporate ties that might help the team 

  • Host team parties (at your house, with help)

  • Help plan & help host team parties 

  • Wildcat Activities Booster Club member

  • Graphic Design

  • Data entry

  • Printing/access to a large format color printer

  • Sound system (for invite)

  • MC—Master of Ceremonies

  • Corporate food donations (for invite; like chips, water, etc)

  • Corporate discounts on merchandise (for invite)

  • Printing discounts (primarily for invite program)

If you would like to help out in other ways, please let us know!

volunteer here

Links to opportunities to volunteer below!

Service Name

Describe one of your services

Service Name 

Describe one of your services

Service Name 

Describe one of your services

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