Volunteer Opportunities

Team work makes the dream work - We need your help to make this season successful!


Our hope is that every parent is able to find a special place to help out during the season.

We need "all hands on deck" for our invitational, and this year, for sections.


  • Hemming pants by hand

  • Sewing seams on a sewing machine 

  • Help making headpieces

  • Help washing uniforms

  • Designing decorations

  • Helping to make decorations

  • Website design and maintenance

  • Acrobat forms database 

  • Photographing performances

  • Random fun photos

  • Videotaping performances

  • CPA/General accounting/Bookkeeping

  • Corporate giving/sponsorship

  • Other corporate ties that might help the team 

  • Host team parties (at your house, with help)

  • Help plan & help host team parties 

  • Fundraising ideas

  • Be on the fundraising committee

  • Wildcat Activities Booster Club member

  • Graphic Design

  • Data entry

  • Printing/access to a large format color printer

  • Sound system (for invite)

  • MC—Master of Ceremonies

  • Sing National Anthem 

  • Corporate food donations (for invite; like chips, water, etc)

  • Corporate discounts on merchandise (for invite)

  • Printing discounts (primarily for invite program)

  • Help plan & manage the invite

  • Invite food committee member

  • Invite novelties committee member

  • Set-up and maintain VolunteerSpot

  • Sign-up to work a shift at the Invite

If you would like to help out in other ways, please let us know!